Conscious Sedation Dentistry

man at dentist with cupDon’t let fear of a dental appointment prevent you from receiving the treatment you need or achieving the smile of your dreams! With dental sedation, you can remain completely relaxed and at ease while you are at your appointment. It takes special training to be able to administer sedation, which Dr. Gerkin has received. With this advanced training, the procedure is very safe. If you like the idea of sleeping through treatment and waking up to your dream smile, dental sedation may be right for you!

Sedation can be achieved by taking a small pill shortly before your appointment. Once you are dropped off at your appointment, we help you rest comfortably. Although you are conscious during treatment, you are largely unaware of what is happening. We constantly monitor your vital signs to ensure your safety. You can rest assured that you are in well-trained, professional hands! Sedation can be used for many general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. If you would like more information about dental sedation, please contact us today!

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